Corporate Accounting and T2 Tax Returns

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T2 Corporate Tax Return and Financial Statement Services

Year end Financial Statements and T2 Income Tax Return Services

We prepare your compliance requirements on a timely basis, giving you peace of mind. We also take care of corporate tax filings efficiently and with proper communication. Since we are involved in the bookkeeping, year end accounting is streamlined. No endless lists of questions and info requests; just timely financial reports and tax filings.

Financial Statements

We will prepare year end comparative financial statements for your company that are customized to your business and easy to understand. We will meet with you to discuss your financial statements and answer all your questions.

Corporate Tax Return

We prepare and file your corporate tax return on-time and early enough that any taxes owing is known in advance. We’ll even explain the whole tax return to you if you’re interested in learning.

Tax Planning

The year-end is a good opportunity to implement tax planning. We’ll look at the whole picture, including your company and your personal taxes so that you don’t pay any more tax than is necessary.

Business Goals and Strategies

We love discussing business goals and strategy. Let’s define success for your business, create goals and setup a plan to achieve them.

This service includes:

  • Annual review of financial information contained in your online accounting software
  • Write up of required adjusting entries
  • Publish Annual Notice to Reader Financial Statements
  • Provide Working Papers supporting all balance sheet accounts.
  • Preparation of T2 Corporate Income Tax Return
  • Tax Planning
  • Calculation of your taxation refund/payable amounts
  • Electronic filing of Income Tax Returns
  • Access to email support about corporate tax questions