What is a Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation and what are the advantages?

A CCPC is a private corporation that is controlled by Canadian residents. A corporation will not qualify as a CCPC if it is controlled directly or indirectly by a public corporation, non-residents, or a combination of the two.

Advantages of being a CCPC:

Eligible for the small business deduction, which provides a reduction in the corporate income tax rate by 14.0%. The small business deduction applies to the first $500,000 of active business income. The small business deduction is calculated by multiplying the 12.5% by the least of the corporation’s active business income, taxable income, $500,000 (business limit), or its reduced business limit for the year.

Shareholder entitlement to an $800,000+ (for 2014, indexed after 2015) lifetime capital gains exemption on the disposition of qualified small business corporation shares.

An additional month to pay the balance of taxes payable.

QBO New Feature: Tracking your mileage

Potential Tax deductions

When it comes to potential tax deductions, taxpayers end up leaving money on the table. A big culprit for missed deductions. Incomplete or messy mileage logs. You can deduct motor vehicle expenses only (Per Canada Revenue Agency) when they are reasonable, and you have receipts to support them. To get the full benefit of your claim for each vehicle, keep a record of the total kilometers you drive and the kilometers you drive to earn business income.

For each business trip, keep a log listing the following.

  • date
  • destination
  • purpose
  • number of kilometers you drive

Mileage Tracking feature

The Mileage Tracking feature in QuickBooks® Online makes it easier than ever to keep your records straight and help you get the deductions you deserve. Whether you enter trips manually or use the amazingly simple auto-tracking functionality, Mileage Tracking saves you the tedious work of staying on top of your driving — helping you focus on your work, your clients, and your business.

The biggest game-changer in the Mileage Tracking feature is its auto-tracking functionality. With the help of the QuickBooks mobile app, your phone can automatically detect and measure your trips using GPS.