Advisory Services

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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

We offer customized Advisory services for our clients.

Advisory Services:

* Budgets – We prepare budgets for our clients’ business costs over the next 12 months and differentiate between fixed and variable costs, coming up with a breakeven point. That is how much money the business needs to bring in to make no money (breakeven). We then break it down into a daily/weekly or monthly number that is easy to know, remember, understand, and focus on.

* Forecasting – We forecast the sales and revenue targets for the next 12 months, then linking the budgets and cash flow, allowing business owners to always be aware of their cash position. 90% of businesses do not do this. It will give you an edge!

* Cash flow projections – Cash flow projections are a key aspect of the financial management of a business. Planning its future cash requirements will help to avoid a crisis of liquidity. It is essential that management forecast what is going to happen to cash flow to make sure the business has enough to survive. How often management should forecast cash flow is dependent on the financial security of the business. If the business is struggling, or is keeping a watchful eye on its finances, the business owner should be forecasting and revising his or her cash flow on a frequent basis. However, if the finances of the business are more stable, then forecasting and revising cash flow on a less frequent basis is reasonable.

Financial Review Meeting Services

We offer the opportunity to meet on a monthly or quarterly basis to review the financial performance of the business and to make logical sense out of internally generated financial reports. 

Financial Review Meeting Services:

These meetings allow for stronger financial understanding of past results and identify what needs to change in the business going forward to produce better financial results.

* Your goals and how best to achieve them.

* What resources you might require to meet those goals.

* How is your cashflow.

* When to hire labour or expand into new markets

* When to buy equipment