Personal income tax: What’s new for 2020?

Digital news subscription expenses

You can claim up to $500 for amounts you paid in 2020 for qualifying subscription expenses. You must have paid the amounts to a qualified Canadian journalism organization (QCJO) that does not hold a license to broadcast, for a digital news subscription to content that is primarily original news.
Only the individual(s) who entered into the agreement for the subscription can claim the expenses. If you and another person can claim the same qualifying subscription expenses, you can split the claim for those digital news subscription expenses. However, the total amount of your claim and the other person’s claim cannot exceed the maximum amount allowed for this credit.

Canada training credit (CTC)

You can claim the CTC for eligible tuition and other fees paid to an eligible educational institution in Canada for courses you took in 2020, or fees paid to certain bodies, in respect of an occupational, trade, or the professional examination is taken in 2020 if all of the following apply:

  • You were resident in Canada for all of 2020
  • You were at least 26 years old and less than 66 years old at the end of the year
  • You have a Canada training credit limit (CTCL) for 2020 on your latest notice of assessment or reassessment for 2019

You can claim up to whichever of the following is less:

  • Half of the fees claimed for eligible tuition fees paid to Canadian educational institutions for 2020 
  • Your CTCL for 2020

The CTC that you claim will reduce your CTCL for future years.

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